On the Dashboard page click the New Campaign button in the Recent Campaigns panel. You can also click New Campaign button at the top of the Campaigns Page.

Once you're on the New Campaign page follow these steps to setup your campaign:

1) Campaign Setup - Select the channels you wish to use including email, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

2) Audience - Define who you want to send the campaign to. For email this could be all your contacts or you can choose who you send it to by using tags. To learn how to add a tag click here.

3) Media - You can search and select an image from our image library. These are free to use across all the channels.

4) Content - This page is where you can add in your content. For email this will include the subject line, preview text and email body text. You can also choose to add a call to action button, links to your website or a specific landing page. For the social channels you can add the post content, headline, call to action button (Facebook only), URL link to your website or a specific landing page.

5) Review & Send - Give your campaign a final sense check, if you want to make changes to any element simply click the Go Back button to the element you wish to change.

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