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Can I post to Instagram?
Can I post to Instagram?

Can BOMA allow me to post to Instagram?

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Firstly, ensure your Facebook Business Page and Instagram Business account are connected to your BOMA account. You can read this article learn how you can connect these two accounts.

Click on the Create button, and then click on Social Media Update. From here, give your campaign a name, and then click Start.

If you wish to direct your followers to a webpage - click on Share a Link, and paste the URL into the text box that appears. BOMA will then create the campaign for you, and write a social post caption that you can further edit as you please.

If you would just like to create a social post update with no link or content, add your image and post content, and then click Continue.

Choose the channels you want to share this post to.

Like any instagram post, clickable links cannot be sent through posts, however, if your clients are viewing the content on a laptop, they will be able to copy and paste the link into their web browser.

Once you are happy with the content for each social channel, click Schedule Delivery and choose when you want to deliver this post.

For more information, feel free to reach out to our support team on

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