Use a branded landing page for times when you want to capture names and contact details:

  • Capturing contact details of new leads or prospects
  • Collecting signups to your newsletter
  • RSVPs for an event

How to create your landing page

  • Go to Landing Pages in your top menu.
  • Click on the New Landing Page button
  • Give your page a name, for example: Customer Sign Up

You'll be taken to the editing page. Here you can further customise your page by editing the page name, body text and contact fields you want to collect e.g. first name, last name, email address, phone number etc.

You can also add a tag to those who are added to your BOMA contacts database via this page so you can easily identify them later.

Once you're finished, click Save.

Finally you will need to change the status to Published which will put the page live and also display the URL of your landing page and form.

How to share your landing page 

Copy the URL of the relevant landing page from the Landing Page menu in BOMA - shown in green panel below. 

Via social media
Click Create from the BOMA dashboard, click Social media Update and Start. Click share a link and paste your URL into the box. Complete the steps to share your message.

Via email
Create your email campaign and add a call to action button with the Landing Page URL as the destination. For a more detailed guide on how to add a call to action button, please refer to that guide here

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