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Social ads: getting value from 'interests' targeting
Social ads: getting value from 'interests' targeting

How defining audience 'interests' when creating a social media ad (Facebook and Instagram)

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If you're unsure how to define the "audience interests" for your Facebook or Instagram ad in BOMA, here is a guide with a few tips  which will help make the process easier. 

How do people use social networks?

People are on Facebook and Instagram looking at things that interest them. For example, posts shared by friends on Facebook, images from people they follow on Instagram, articles shared by websites or information on places or locations they enjoy such as restaurants. They may not necessarily be looking for you.

What are audience interests?

Audience interests allow you to target people specifically interested in a subject (or Facebook page) that is also related to your product. For example, you could target people interested in a product or service that you offer, your competitors, your industry as a whole or magazines and blogs that cover your market.

For example: 

How are the interests for a user defined?

  1. By the user in their profile

  2. Based on their engagement with content in their feed - what they have liked, clicked on, shared & commented on

Choosing Audience Interests in BOMA

As you create your social media ad in BOMA you can search for relevant audience interests. For example this might be 'Small Business'. You can search and select multiple interests to help build up your audience profile.


Think about your ideal audience (you could use existing clients to help build the picture). Interests could include sports, events, their education, hobbies, a business vertical such as agriculture or pharmacies or small business. Start typing an interest and a list of options will appear.

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