Facebook and Instagram ads enable you to build an audience, attract customers, and drive relevant traffic to your website. 

The first step in creating a new ad campaign is to choose an objective based on what you want your ad to accomplish. 

Choose from the below options:


  • Total number of clicks on your ad. Any action someone takes within your ad is considered a click. This can include clicking a link to your website or liking the ad or even expanding the ad to read more.

  • If your clicks are high, but you’re not converting, you might be making mistakes with your landing page.


  • How many Facebook users your ad was shown to.


  • How many times the audience saw your ad.

  • Goal - brand awareness.

  • Up to 3 is good - then change messaging & visuals to keep it fresh.


  • Reach x frequency.

  • Goal - brand awareness.

Unique CTR (click through rate)

  • Of the people that saw your ad, what percent clicked it (clicks/impressions).

  • If it's lower that expected, check your audience targeting and ad copy. Use bright colours and a positive message. Even the headline can make a big difference to your CTR so consider it carefully.

Cost per unique click 

  • How much you paid each time a user clicked on your ad. 

  • Adjust your ads based on audience engagement,  this should result in your cost per click reduce over time and facebook algorithms reward you when your audience is engaging with your ads.

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