Set up your email template

  • Click on Settings from the dashboard then Branding and Emails - upload your logo. BOMA pulls the colours from your logo so you can choose colours for your buttons and email background.

  • Scroll down on the Branding and Emails page to complete your email settings by adding your postal address, social media links and website URL.

Add your email contacts

  • If you use Xero HQ, you can connect your BOMA account to Xero HQ and enable the contacts sync. Go to Settings > Linked Accounts to connect.

  • Alternatively, you can upload your email contacts via a CSV file. Do this under the Contacts tab.

  • Create segments using tags - a tag is like a label that allows you to split contacts into groups. You can have as many as you like - they could include industry vertical, location or based on your services they use.

More info on creating email segments and uploading CSV's can be found on

Send your first email in BOMA

Browse the content library for an article you’d like to share. Simply click Deliver this content, click Email, then Start.

Define your audience

  • Under Audience, click Edit.

  • Click Deliver to specific contacts, then choose the tag (segment) you'd like to send this email to. You'll see the recipient number update as you chose a group or groups. You can also exclude groups. Click on Show if you'd like to review before clicking on Close and Save.

Customise your email content

  • BOMA provides the subject line and preview description for your email but you can change these if you like.

  • Click on Select template to choose a template for the design of your email. An easy one to start with is 'your' template which you'll find on the Templates tab.

  • Click the Rows tab. Choose the format options for the content you selected from the library. There are shorter options with 'Learn More' buttons at the top of the list and the full long-form article is at the bottom. Click and drag the option you like into your email template and drop it below your logo.

  • To edit the email text, click into the email text area and make any changes. Make it your own and customise as much as you wish.

  • Add a personal greeting - click into your email text and type your greeting such as ‘Dear’ leave a space and click merge tags from the text editor tool. Select first name. This pulls the first name of your contact into the email.

  • When you are happy with your email edits, click Save & Close.

Send a test email

You can send a test to yourself and others - select Send test email and adding an email address in.

Deliver your email

Click on Schedule Delivery. You can choose to send immediately or schedule for a time that suits you and your clients.

Well done, your email is on its way!

Review your email insights

  • Click on the Campaigns tab to review all your send, scheduled or draft campaigns.

  • Click on the campaign you’d like to review. The numbers on this insights page are clickable so can see which contacts opened or clicked.

  1. Delivered - check you have accurate email addresses if some were not successfully delivered

  2. Open rates - anything over 30% is considered above industry standard

  3. Click rates - if your email had a link, you’ll be able to see how many people clicked on it

  4. Bounces or unsubscribed are also shown here

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