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How do I customise my email theme in BOMA?

To customise your brand theme, click Settings from the dashboard then Branding and Emails.


  1. Upload the logo you want to use for BOMA campaigns.

  2. BOMA will automatically extract relevant brand colours which will be used to develop your email template - the email background colour and call to action button colour. If you want to edit the colour or choose new ones, click on the colour squares.

Email Settings

  1. Add the business postal address, this is required by law.

  2. Select your country and timezone using the drop down menu.

  3. Choose who you want your emails to be sent by. This is the default and can be changed for individual email campaigns in the campaign flow.

  4. Enable BCC - only use this if you use Salesforce or Hubspot

  5. Add the social links you'd like to appear in your email footer eg Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn

  6. Add your website URL

Click the Save button.

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