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11 ideas for what you can post on social media if you are creating a post from scratch

In BOMA, you’ll find hundreds of expertly written, ready-to-share articles that you can share on your social media page. It's worthwhile also creating some of your own posts that are uniquely relevant to your social followers.


We’ve compiled a list of ideas to get you started. Use this list to plan out a regular cadence of posts to keep your followers engaged. Your posts don’t need to be long. Once you get started, you’ll find it easy to continue the conversation on social media.


  1. Ask questions - Ask about something topical or perhaps issues that might be impacting your clients. Offer an ‘Ask me Anything’ session. The answer to one client’s question is bound to help another! Be ready to respond when someone comments to keep the conversation going.

  2. Share an online article - Use BOMA’s link share feature to post an article you have read online, and add your own commentary. BOMA formats the content for the social channel you choose. (make sure you check that the article is not behind a firewall so your readers can access it).

  3. Content series - Develop a plan for day/s of the week e.g. Monday tips on cashflow.

  4. Turn long into short - Use long-form BOMA articles and break them into short posts.

  5. Frequently asked questions - Share FAQ content from Xero or other cloud accounting platforms to help your clients when they use the software.

  6. Video content - Record a short ‘how to’ video to help clients streamline their accounting function or give them a better understanding of their tax obligations.

  7. Talk about local events - share a link to an event coming up. If you are attending, give people information on how they can too.

  8. Bring the team in - Demonstrate your expertise and what you stand for.

  9. Inspirational quotes - The right quote at the right time can be humorous, entertaining or motivating.

  10. Today in history or National days of the year - Whether it’s national Panda day or a commemoration of a historical event. Check out https://www.daysoftheyear.com/

  11. Create a short client survey - Find out more about how your clients are feeling about industry changes or how they are dealing with current challenges. Use the feedback in your future posts.