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Using Rows in BOMA's Email Editor Explained

In this article, we will look at the different options you can add into the Email Editor, specifically from the Rows tab.


To find the row options, click on the rows tab, and then in the drop down menu, select the type of row you would like to add.



PlaceHolder Rows

Placeholder rows allow you to select pre-formatted slots, that you can click and drag into the template, and then edit for use in your email template.



Empty Rows

Empty rows help you set up your email template, choosing the format you would like it to be set up in, and then allow you to drag content tiles into the row for editing further.



Add Content Via URL or Content Library

If you select to add content via URL or content library, you will be given the option to paste an external Website link, or select content directly from the content library.



Selecting a Website URL


Selecting and Article from the Content library

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