Why should I post content from my blog to my social media channels?

If you have a blog page on your website, you should consider sharing content from that page to your socials channels. There are multiple advantages where you can benefit from this.

  1. Blog Exposure - Sharing your blog posts on social media can increase your visibility and reach a wider audience. When you post your content on social media, your blog will gain more traffic through your social channels, increasing your overall web traffic on your website. Your followers will be able to click through to your website to read the full blog post, increasing the possibility of attracting new leads and clients.


  2. Social Engagement - Social channels are great platforms to attract engagement. Posting to your social channels gives your followers and connections the opportunity to like and comment their own thoughts on the topic, which can also lead to further questions being asked about the topic. This in all can also help strengthen relationships with your clients, and potential leads.


  3. Save time - Posting your blog posts on social media can save you time and effort, where instead of creating content on both your website and social channels, you can post the blog article, which creates a back link to your website. This will also help you to post more consistently and more efficiently.

You can share a blog post through BOMA by clicking on the "CREATE" button on the BOMA dashboard then select 'Social Media Update'. You can then give the social campaign a name, and then click on start.


Once you are in the Content template stage, click on "share a link," and then paste the link into the text box that appears. BOMA will then read through the content, and generate a post caption for your social post, using a couple of sentences from the blog post.


For more information, feel free to reach out to our support team on support@bomamarketing.com


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