BOMA has strict security procedures to manage and protect your Xero HQ client data. Unless you share access to your account, no one will have access to your client information.

To sync BOMA with Xero HQ, you must login to Xero HQ so Xero can authenticate you. Your login details are not accessible by the BOMA platform and are never shared with us.

Connecting BOMA and Xero HQ is important as the daily sync keeps your Xero HQ client list in BOMA up-to-date. BOMA only imports the client’s contact details and does not import their financial information. Syncing with Xero HQ also gives you access to Xero articles in the Content Library for use in your digital campaigns.

If you close your BOMA account, your account data will be deleted from the platform. Deleting your BOMA account information does not affect your Xero HQ account in any way.

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