You can view performance data on recent campaigns in your Boma account.

From the dashboard, click on Campaigns. You'll see a list of all the campaigns created in your account. Select the campaign you want to view. 

On this page you can see some statistics on your campaign. Here are some tips to understanding what each segment means.

Email Metrics

Number of Opens & Open rate - this gives you a clear picture of how many people opened your email. It can help you understand how enticing your subject line is (if it's not enticing, people are less likely to open) & how engaged your email list is with your company/brand.

This varies by industry and by list but start to get an idea of your metrics and aim to improve them with better subjects and content.

Click Throughs - This metric will tell you if the content in your email is useful and engaging for people, the more it is, the more likely people will click through.

Bounce rate - will tell you how many of your emails make it into your subscribers inboxes. If an email bounces you may have an old email address or the users may have unsubscribed from your emails because they are not relevant/too frequent etc.

Emails can also fail when someone's email server is full or unavailable, so the email address may in fact be correct and just currently unavailable.

Social Metrics

Reach / Impressions - these are the number of people that saw your post or ad.

Engagement - made up of Likes, Shares, Comments etc and are a very clear indication of how engaging your content is. The better or more engaging it is, the higher levels of these engagement metrics you should see.

Please note however that you'll need to measure these against the number of followers you have. For example if you have 100 followers then 10 likes is a 10% engagement metric which is great, but if you have 1000 followers it's 1% so something to account for when reviewing.

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