Everything you need to know for the Zapier integration to BOMA

How does the BOMA and Zapier integration work

BOMA has a Zapier integration, our integration can be connected to other applications that also have a Zapier integration. There are currently 6,000 applications that do, you can learn more about these and how Zapier works here. How the integration and connection works is determined by how the Zap is set up in Zapier.

A Zapier "Zap" is an integration that consists primarily of a Trigger and an Action, so:

Trigger -> Action

A Trigger occurs outside of Zapier, this could be a Form being filled out in BOMA, or a Form on your Website, this Trigger sends a notification to Zapier, which then takes the follow on Action, or Actions. Multiple actions are available only on paid Zapier plans, but single Actions are available for free on Zapier! For example in BOMA you can post content to your WordPress website. If you want to include an image as a separate step you’ll need to purchase the basic multi-step plan, learn more here for pricing and features.

Some Examples of Possible Zapier Integrations with BOMA

  1. Send a Contact from HubSpot / SalesForce / Canopy to BOMA. When a contact or client is created in your CRM you can send them to Zapier (the Trigger) which can then send them to BOMA (the Action). This can be to a specific Form, e.g. "Clients" so that they get tagged with "client" in BOMA when they are created or updated in your CRM.
  2. Send a Contact from BOMA to HubSpot / SalesForce / Canopy. When a BOMA Form is filled out you send the contact to Zapier (the Trigger) so they are created or updated in your CRM (the Action).
  3. Send a Content Library Article to your Website. Deliver a Content Library Article to Zapier (the Trigger), Zapier can then format and send this content to your website (the Action). Your Website needs to support Post or Page creation from Zapier, e.g. WordPress.

You may have other applications that could link with BOMA simply check if your application has a Zapier connection and if it will connect and share the data you want. Or you can ask us, we’re here to help!

We also have an integration with Xero HQ and 


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