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What you need to know about Zapier for BOMA
What you need to know about Zapier for BOMA

What is it and is it free?

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BOMA has a Zapier integration, our integration can be connected to other applications that also have one. There are currently 3,000 applications, learn more here. The connection is determined by how the other applications Zap is set up.

Zapier is free to use for a 1 step action, for example in BOMA you can post content to your WordPress website. If you want to include an image as a separate step you’ll need to purchase the basic multi-step plan, learn more here for pricing and features.

(In case you are experiencing issues with sending an image or you’d prefer to post an image and text in one step to avoid the paid plan, see the instructions here.)

You may have other applications that could link with BOMA for example your contact databases, lead forms or a website that isn’t WordPress. Simply check if the application has a Zap and if it will connect and share the data you want. Or you can ask us, we’re here to help.

Want to learn more about our Zap, check out our easy tutorial here for connecting to WordPress.

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