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Can I customise the images and articles in the BOMA content library?

Yes, you can replace the pre-loaded images and edit the text in all of the articles in the content library. 

To do this, select your article and click Deliver this Content. Progress through the campaign until you get to the Content Template step. Here you can edit the social post content and change the image. 

You can choose another image from BOMA's image library, there's over 2 million high quality images to choose from. You can also upload your own. 

Edit the text as much or as little as you like. You can also add extra sections. We recommend including some content about your business and your advice or expertise relevant to the article that you're sharing. 

Proceed to the Review & Edit step of your campaign where you can now customise your email. Select a template, click on the Rows tab and drag your content into the template just below your logo. You can now change the email image by clicking on the image. Click into the text box to modify that text as you wish.

Tip: ensure the message encompasses 'why you'. 

Save and then schedule your delivery. 

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