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Understanding and using the 3 types of email templates in BOMA

BOMA has the ability for you to use pre-made templates for your email campaigns. 

When creating a campaign that is to be sent via email, you will reach the Review & Edit step of the campaign creator. This is where you can choose templates, click on Select Template on the right hand side.

A pop-up will appear asking you which template you would like to use. You can select from:

Previous Emails - from previous campaigns where you have a design.

Instant Templates - are styled using your brand theme and will include content or links selected at the start of your campaign.

Themed Templates - can used as a starting point for your campaigns. They are filled with placeholder content and images which you'll need to replace it with your own.

Choose the one you'd like to use and click Select and Edit. The email editor will open for you to edit the content as you desire.

If you decide to change your template, you can do so, but any changes you've made to your first template will not come into the new one. So it's best to decide which template you like best first - then then work on refining the design.

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