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What are Branded Web Pages in BOMA and how do they work?

Branded Web Pages (BWP) allow you to share the longer form content of an article (that's not already available on a web page) in your social post. This is done via a web page with your branding that BOMA hosts for you. These can be created from scratch, or can be launched from the Content Library.

In the Content Library article preview, you can see the social media summary and the link for the Branded Web Page - there's an example just below. You can click the link to preview the Branded Web Page with the full content.

Your social followers can click the link in your social post to read the content on the Branded Web Page. They can also click through to your website and social channels for further information as shown below. 

Editing Branded Web Pages and Creating Your Own

Library Content can be edited for a Branded Web Page on the Content Step of a campaign, or you can send it to your Website or Blog using our Zapier Integration so you can share your own website directly. You can also launch a campaign and create your own article, for example if you have longer content that you want to share that won't fit in a social post:

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