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Improving Email Deliverability in BOMA

Deliverability is making sure emails get to your contacts and land in their inbox. There are a few methods that you can try, but item 4 has the most impact. Please note that this is only available for BOMA subscribers.


1. Avoid spam trigger words and phishing phrases

Phishing emails are designed to steal your identity by getting you to click on a fraudulent link. The most common method is for the email to be disguised as a legitimate email from a service you trust, such as your bank or a website you frequent. In light of this, try to limit or avoid using phrases that are common to phishing attacks.

Common Examples:

"Official Data Breach"

"Your Password Expires in Less Than 24 Hours" or "Change of Password Required Immediately"

"A Delivery Attempt was made"


2. Avoid spam traps

Spam traps are email addresses that are flagged by ISPs as being no longer used by a human, so it then stands to reason that there could have been no opt-in. To avoid including a spam trap email in your mailing list, use an opt-in process and do not buy lists from email brokers.


3. Avoid large attachments and certain attachment types

In general, .jpg, .gif, .png and .pdf attachments are safe to send, provided you include some content in the email as well. However, executable attachments such as .exe, .zip, .swf, etc. should be avoided entirely.


4. Authenticate your email with SPF and DKIM

You can also authenticate your email sending, this is quite technical but helps a great deal with deliverability. It shows email receivers that your email is coming from a known source and therefore is more likely to be trusted, and less likely to be identified as spam.

If you're a BOMA subscriber send us a message by clicking the Chat icon in the bottom right of this screen and let us know what email address you'll be using to send emails from and we can start setting it up for you.


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