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How do I add a Tag to my contacts?
How do I add a Tag to my contacts?
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A Tag is a label attached to a contact or group of contacts that helps you to identify them.

Tagging contacts in your database is useful, as it allows you to segment them and send relevant email campaigns. For example, you could create a tag for an industry sector such as 'hospitality' or 'legal'.

You can also use tags to identify their status such as 'new lead' or 'current customer'.

You can create new tags and change tags in the Contact detail page.

To add a tag to a contact follow these steps:

  1. Click on Contacts in the Menu, then select the Contact you want to edit.

  2. Add the tag by selecting from the drop down menu or create a new one.

  3. Click Save and return to contacts.

You can apply tags in bulk in the Contact list page.

  1. Go to the Contact list - you can filter this list by doing a search first.

  2. Select contacts using the tick box on the left hand side - you can also click the top box to select all the contacts on a page.

  3. Choose "Add Tag" from the dropdown.

  4. Choose tags you want to apply or create new ones by typing.

  5. Push the "Add Tag" button to add the tags to the selected contacts.

You can also apply tags when importing a list of email contacts.

When importing contacts via csv you can apply a tag (or tags) to them. So if you have a list of trust clients you can import that with a tag of 'trust' and then import another csv list with the tag of 'business'.

If a contact is in both lists they will get both tags - but will only be in your database once. We use the email address as the identifier for a contact.

These tags are applied when you import the file, they are not in the csv file itself. You can also choose whether you want tags applied to all contacts in the import, or only those contacts that are new in your database.

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