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How do I export my contacts?
How do I export my contacts?

Export your contact list from BOMA

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You can export your contact list from BOMA. Here's how:

From your Contacts page, click on Export CSV.

The CSV Export will export your entire contacts list with all the fields and tags included. It may take a couple of minutes to export, so we will email you with a link to the file or you can access it from the CSV Export section in your account settings.

Once you get the email confirmation, click on the link and then click Download. The file will download. Open Excel or Google Sheets and import your CSV file.

Filter by a tagged group:

In Excel - turn on filtering then tick which tag groups you want to display
In Sheets - highlight the Tags column, click Data and create a filter. On the filter select filter by condition, text contains. Add in the value/tag then click ok. 

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