Uploading new contacts into your BOMA database is easy when you use a CSV upload. When you do that, and there may be some contacts that already exist in your BOMA database - the system will not override the details, it will update them.

For instance, if you import a list with an email address that already exists in your BOMA contacts, but also includes a phone number for that contact, then their BOMA record will update with the new phone number. BOMA will never duplicate a record.


You can also tag contacts as you import them. For example, you could import a list of clients who have companies (and apply the tag of “company”) and then import another list with clients who have trusts (and apply the tag of “trust”). If any of your clients have both companies and trusts, then your contacts (by email address) will now have both “company” and “trust” tags against them. 

For more information on tags and email segmentation, check out our other articles by searching for 'tags'. 

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