To post to your Twitter feed start on the Boma Dashboard.

Click on the New Campaign button and follow the 5 easy steps:

1. Channel. Enter a name for your campaign and select 'Twitter' in the Content Delivery box.

2. Audience. Your post will appear on your Twitter feed and it will also appear in the feed of members who follow you.

3. Media. Select an image from the image library or upload a high res image from your computer.

4. Content. Click on the button Define Content and 'Click to Edit'. You can write content here. Your tweet can be up to 140 characters.

You can broaden your reach by adding a hashtag (written with a # symbol and no spaces). Hashtags are used to index keywords or topics on Twitter.

5. Review and Send. On this page you can view the subject and content. If you want to make any changes click on the Go Back button to take you to the element you want to change.

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