To send an email campaign start on the Dashboard.

Click on Create then Email. Name your campaign and Start. 

Audience. Choose which contacts you want your email to go to. You can choose to deliver to all your contacts or to select a group of contacts using your tags.

Write your subject line and preview description. And click on Select template.
Template options: previous mail, instant template or a pre-designed template from our template library. Select your template and open the email editor. 

Click on the Rows tab and choose your format.
Default - has placeholder images and text you can then replace
Empty - start with a basic structure then click on the Content tab to pull in what content you'd like in each section

You can write your email content here or paste copy from your computer. Save & Close out of the email editor once you've completed your email.

Send a test email on this page to make sure you are happy with the final layout and content. 

Schedule Delivery and choose when you'd like to send your email.  

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