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How do I create a Linkedin post?
How do I create a Linkedin post?
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Firstly, ensure your LinkedIn Business Page and Personal Profiles are connected to BOMA under Settings and then Social Media.

If you're creating a post with your own content

Click on the Create button, choose Social Media Update.  Name your campaign and click Start. 

If you wish to direct your followers to a webpage - click on Share a Link, paste in the URL and BOMA will create the campaign for you. Edit as required. 

Otherwise, add your image and post content. Click Continue

Choose the channels you want to share this post to.

Click Schedule Delivery and choose when you want to deliver this post.

If you're using content from BOMA's Content Library

Select your article from the Content Library. Click Deliver and then Social Media Update. Customise your content in the Content Template step as required. 

On the Review & Edit page, choose the channels as noted above. Schedule Delivery. 

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