On the Dashboard page click the Create button. Click on Share to all free channels, name your campaign and click Start.

Share a link or image and add your post content wording. Click Continue.


Review and edit your message per channel. Check the post wording, the image caption and customise as required. 


Audience - define who you want to send the campaign to. This could be all your contacts or you send it to a defined subset of your contacts based on Tags. 

Content - review your subject line and preview text. 

Template - click Select Template. Choose from Previous Email, or a new template - either a pre-designed template with placeholder text and images or the instant template with your branding. Click on Select to edit your template.

Click the Rows tab to reveal your content options. Click and drag your chosen format into the template on the left and drop it below your logo. Edit as required. Click Save and Close.

Review - send yourself and others a test email if required. 

Schedule - click Schedule Delivery to send your campaign immediately or shedule for a time in the future.

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